“Best of Preaching and Preachers” Episode 46: Planning Your Preaching

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Stephen Rummage joins me for a discussion on planning your preaching. Dr. Rummage is Senior Pastor of Quail Springs Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, OK.

Guest(s): Dr. Stephen Rummage


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • Dr. Rummage’s ministry at Bell Shoals Baptist Church
  • A brief discussion on Dr. Rummage’s book Planning Your Preaching
  • A helpful guide for the week of preparation before Sunday morning
  • How planning your preaching helps to produce consistent faithful sermons
  • The ability to communicate vision as a result of planning your preaching
  • How planning your preaching intersects with expository preaching
  • How planning your preaching helps the pastor pace his preaching
  • Practical tips to help plan your preaching


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