“Best of Preaching and Preachers” Episode 58: Pastoring as an Imperfect Disciple

Preaching and Preachers
"Best of Preaching and Preachers" Episode 58: Pastoring as an Imperfect Disciple

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Jared Wilson joins me in a discussion on pastoring as an imperfect disciple. Jared is the Director of Content Strategy for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Managing Editor of For The Church (and host of the FTC Podcast), and Director of The Pastoral Training Center at Liberty Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO.

Guest(s): Jared Wilson


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • A brief discussion on the FTC Podcast
  • A brief discussion on The Imperfect Disciple
  • How a keen awareness of the pastor’s own imperfections help him shepherd imperfect people
  • How a pastor balances being an imperfect disciple with living an exemplary life before the church
  • Common misconceptions about discipleship
  • Practical advice for pastors concerning discipleship
  • The difference between boasting in your brokenness and being honest in your brokenness


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