Episode 100: The Pastor and Sermon Preparation

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Scott Pace joins me in a discussion on the pastor and sermon preparation. Dr. Pace serves as Associate Professor of Pastoral Ministry and Preaching and as Associate Director of the Preaching and Pastoral Ministry Center at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest, NC.

Guest(s): Scott Pace


Some of the topics discussed in today’s episode are:

  • A brief discussion on Dr. Pace’s current ministry
  • A brief discussion on Dr. Pace’s new book Preaching by the Book
  • A brief discussion on whether or not all sermon prep methods are created equal
  • Pace’s approach to sermon prep
  • The necessity of a long-term approach to preaching
  • Why sermon prep is foundational to faithful preaching
  • Pace’s seven-step method for sermon prep
  • Why pastors must immerse their sermon prep with prayer
  • The significance of identifying the main point(s) of a passage
  • Why sermon application should begin with the life of the preacher
  • Dr. Pace’s weekly sermon prep process


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