Episode 109: Preaching with Theological Precision

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Owen Strachan joins me in a discussion on preaching with theological precision. Dr. Strachan is Associate Professor of Christian Theology, Director of the Center for Public Theology, and Director of the Residency PhD Program at Midwestern Seminary.

Guest(s): Owen Strachan


Some of the topics discussed in today’s episode are:

  • A brief discussion about Dr. Strachan’s ministry at Midwestern
  • What it means to preach with theological precision
  • Some of the consequences of being theologically imprecise
  • The goal of preaching theologically precise sermons
  • How to preach in a theologically precise way
  • Things to be mindful of when preaching theologically precise sermons
  • Ways that preachers can be more theologically precise week in and week out


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