Episode 113: The Busy Preacher and Finding Time to Study

This week on Preaching and Preachers, H. B. Charles joins me in a discussion on the busy preacher and finding time to study. H. B. is the senior pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. 

Guest(s): H. B. Charles


Some of the topics discussed in today’s episode are:

  • A brief discussion about H. B.’s ministry at Shiloh
  • A brief discussion on H. B.’s forthcoming music
  • How H. B. finds time to study and prepare faithful sermons
  • How pastors should think of time allocation for preparing sermons
  • How sequential expositional preaching aids in time allocation for the busy pastor
  • The benefit of the busy pastor learning to say no
  • The necessity of the pastor always being prepared to study


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One Response to “Episode 113: The Busy Preacher and Finding Time to Study”

November 27, 2018 at 9:21 am, James Fitzgerald JR said:

I thoroughly appreciate the conversation between you and Pastor H.B.Charles JR. There was a lot of good things said and if I can walk away with just 2 things that are needed most for my time in sermon prep are: 1. Practice intentional neglect and 2. Steal time for Study.


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