Episode 40: Church Planting in a College Town

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Dean Inserra joins me in a discussion on church planting in a college town. Dean is the founding and lead pastor of City Church in Tallahassee, FL, where he leads in vision and preaching. Dean is an advisory member of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission’s Leadership Council with the Southern Baptist Convention. He is also a member of Baptist 21.

Guest(s): Dean Inserra


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • Dean’s story and ministry at City Church
  • The early years of City Church
  • The effect college students can have on a local church
  • The effect the local church can have on college students
  • Lesson’s Dean has learned over the years of church planting
  • How to minister to the world as it is
  • The peril of watering down the truth for the sake of growing a church plant
  • The need to create a “Send Me” culture within the church


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