Episode 54: 7 Habits of Long-Tenured Pastors

This week on Preaching and Preachers, Thom Rainer joins me in a discussion on 7 habits of long-tenured pastors. Thom is the president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources. Prior to LifeWay, he served at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for twelve years where he was the founding dean of the Billy Graham School of Missions and Evangelism.

Guest(s): Thom Rainer


Some of the topics discussed on today’s episode are:

  • What are the benefits of long-tenured pastorates
  • The damaging effects of short-term pastorates
  • Why long-tenured pastors don’t miss daily time in the Word
  • How more mature pastors handle the “gnats” of ministry
  • Why long-tenured pastors learn to pray for wisdom
  • How pastors should think about planning for their church
  • Why long-tenured pastors seek the green grass in their own churches
  • Why long-tenure pastors keep an outward focus
  • Why long-tenured pastors take care of their family
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3 Responses to “Episode 54: 7 Habits of Long-Tenured Pastors”

June 06, 2017 at 8:44 am, Olumide Omatsola Agboghoroma said:

Good one. Truly blessed.


June 07, 2017 at 8:35 pm, Rudy Pineda said:

Great advice! Theological and practical.


August 29, 2017 at 12:58 am, James Fryer said:

These preaching and preachers podcasts are filled with much wisdom. This one was a gem that many growing pastors need to meditate upon


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