“Preaching and Preachers” Episode 142: Connecting Your Sermon to Christ

Today, I want to welcome Dr. Owen Strachan to the podcast. Dr. Strachan is Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Director of the Center for Public Theology, and Director of the Residency Ph.D. Program at Midwestern Seminary.

Dr. Strachan joins me today for a guest host episode where he will interview me on preaching and other topics from Letters to My Students.

Guest(s): Owen Strachan


Some of the topics of this week’s episode include:

  • Christ is not a tack-on to Scripture
  • Typology and the need for humility
  • 7 questions every pastor must ask himself in preaching Christ
  • Recognizing analogies, typologies, and allusions of Christ in Scripture
  • Seeing promise and fulfillment in Christ


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