Video: The Pastor as Theologian (Books and BBQ)

This past week I was honored to host the second annual Books and BBQ event at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Our conversation last year about church planting was fruitful and engaging, and our discussion this year about the role of the pastor as theologian was even more profitable. We approached this topic because Midwestern Seminary is fully committed to our vision to exist for the Church, and the key aspect of our fulfilling that vision is training pastors, missionaries, and evangelists to serve the church through rightly preaching God’s Word.

I invite you to join that conversation today as you listen to my discussion with Josh Hedger, Director of the Midwestern Seminary Center for Church Planting; Thor Madsen, Dean of Midwestern Baptist College, SBC and Associate Professor of New Testament, Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion at Midwestern Seminary; Rustin Umstattd, Assistant Professor of Theology at Midwestern Seminary; and Brett Capranica, Pastor-Teacher at Summit Woods Baptist Church.


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