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The Complete Story with Dick Bott: Where are the New Bible-Teaching Pastors Coming from?

Last week Dick and Rich Bott, from Bott Radio Network, hosted me on their show “The Complete Story.” The Botts and I talked about the importance of training faithful preachers of God’s Word, my vision for Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, the role of theological education in the local church, and the importance of confessional integrity in seminaries. We also visited about how one knows if they are called to ministry and what steps a person who feels called to ministry should take in order to confirm that call. I also shared a bit of my own journey, which included my conversion, call to ministry, and my role as a husband and father. Finally, we spoke about the various marks of health one should look for in a local church. I had a delightful time visiting with the Botts, and I hope that you will find the conversation as encouraging as I did. You can listen to the entire program below.


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