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Why Midwestern Seminary is Joining Ronnie Floyd’s SBC Day of Evangelism & Why You Should Also

When I first heard of SBC president Ronnie Floyd’s call for a focused day of convention-wide evangelism on October 14th, my initial thought was someone should’ve thought of this a century ago. It is so obvious, yet so missing. It is such a simple strategy, yet with profound ramifications. There is no downside, but an unlimited upside.

When I reflected upon Dr. Floyd’s call, I immediately took it one step further and made it an institutional priority. I can think of no better objective for Midwestern Seminary to undertake on October 14th than to join with Dr. Ronnie Floyd—and all SBC participants—to intentionally share the gospel that day. Here are five reasons why.

It’s a Biblical Imperative

Sharing the gospel is not an option for Christians. We are called to do so in Scripture. In fact, witnessing is a sign of true conversion, of spiritual growth, and of Christian obedience. I know of no better indicator of my own spiritual health than my personal pattern of evangelism. Personal evangelism is not reserved for a special class of mature Christians. It’s for all of us, most especially those giving themselves to theological education in a seminary community.

It’s for the Church

Midwestern Seminary exists for the Church. We look for every opportunity to serve the church and to partner with the church. October 14th gives us both opportunities. The church’s mission is the Great Commission, to go into all the earth and make disciples. Therefore, we both serve the church and partner with the church by collaborating with Southern Baptists across the denomination to reach the world for Christ, especially on October 14th.

Its Unifying Effect

What could be healthier for the SBC than all of us pulling together to win the world for Christ? Historically, that is why we exist. Operationally, that still galvanizes our collaboration. Nothing would be more unifying for us as a denomination than to get our eyes off ourselves and onto the fields that are white unto harvest. Let’s make October 14th a day spent not debating or defining gospel nuances, but actually declaring it. As we do, might be surprised by the unifying side effects we experience.

Its “Do-Something” Focus

If Dr. Floyd had called us to a workshop on evangelism or to pray for evangelism, my enthusiasm would have been tempered a bit. Workshops are helpful and prayer is always desired, but I believe we are at a point where actually sharing Christ is our most urgent ministry need. Over the years, I’ve heard it said we shouldn’t have “prayer week” or “year of the Bible” because every week is to be a prayer week and every year is to be a year of the Bible. That may be true, but I’ve found it truer still that if “we’re always doing it,” often we’re actually never doing it. Floyd’s do-something focus is spot on.

Its Potential Impact

What if millions of Southern Baptists actually joined together and shared Christ on October 14th? Imagine the gospel seeds sown. Imagine the amount of conversions that might stem from it. Imagine the favor of God on our efforts and on our churches. I’m praying now God will bless the effort.


Our sluggishness in leading others to Christ is usually not due to a lack of technique or insufficient training; it’s usually due to apathy and disobedience. That’s why I’m thankful Dr. Floyd is pointing us to October 14th as a day of intentional evangelism, and I am praying already for a harvest to result. Join me in praying and planning for that day, in advocating broad participation from others, and, most of all, join me in actually presenting Christ that day to those the Lord places before you.

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2 Responses to “Why Midwestern Seminary is Joining Ronnie Floyd’s SBC Day of Evangelism & Why You Should Also”

September 25, 2014 at 6:29 am, Matt Wisecarver said:

Another fruit I hope this leads to is a more daily intentionality of making disciples of Christ. If October 15th doesn’t cause the same behavior October 16th, then the message was lost. I am praying that this will move some out of our comfort zones into, the labor of making and training disciples of Christ.

September 25, 2014 at 8:10 pm, Jason Allen said:

Thank you for the kind feedback. You make a great point – that this leads to daily, aggressive evangelism. Thank you for joining me in this effort and in praying for a great harvest.

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