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Review: “Why Trust the Bible?” by Greg Gilbert

Over the past several years, Greg Gilbert, in partnership with Crossway Books and 9Marks, has released a series of short, helpful books on topics related to the church and the Christian life. These books are small introductions to big topics, sure to be helpful for everyone who reads them.

Why Trust the Bible is Gilbert’s third installment in this series, well complementing his previous two, What is the Gospel? and Who is Jesus? Why Trust the Bible?, like his previous two books in this series, is imminently readable. Gilbert managed to pen a brief, attention-holding book, which engages scholarly concerns while managing to avoid twenty-dollar words.

The seminary-degreed pastor will find this book a helpful refresher, the Christian businessman will find it an informative introduction, and the honest seeker will find in it truthful, satisfying answers to common questions about the Bible.

Gilbert tackles foundational questions like whether the Bible can be true, and why we can be certain it is so. He also engages practical ones like issues of transmission, textual variants, canonicity, and why there are so many Bible translations.

Why Trust the Bible? is not aimed at those most entrenched in unbelief. Gilbert is not writing for the most strident critics, and I doubt this book will move the most hardened skeptics. But for honest inquirers, it will prove immediately helpful. Moreover, for those Christians who believe the Bible, but aren’t quite sure why, Gilbert’s book is pure gold.

Gilbert reminds the reader how high the stakes are. If God’s Word is indeed true and worthy of our trust, it is also worthy of our adherence. If not, we have no sure word about Christ, the way of salvation, or how (or even if) we should live the Christian life. A sure word gives our sermons – and our lives – authority, credibility, and direction.

 Why Trust the Bible? is especially helpful for genuine seekers and for new believers. In fact, I’ve used it with my 12 year-old daughter, and it has been instrumental in her growth. I’ve also given a copy or two to acquaintances wanting to learn more about the Bible and the Christian life. These usages, among others, is why I’ve appreciated Why Trust the Bible?,  and why I believe you will as well.

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