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Review: “Why Trust the Bible?” by Greg Gilbert

Over the past several years, Greg Gilbert, in partnership with Crossway Books and 9Marks, has released a series of short, helpful books on topics related to the church and the Christian life. These books are small introductions to big topics, sure to be helpful for everyone who reads them.

Why Trust the Bible is Gilbert’s third installment in this series, well complementing his previous two, What is the Gospel? and Who is Jesus? Why Trust the Bible?, like his previous two books in this series, is imminently readable. Gilbert managed to pen a brief, attention-holding book, which engages scholarly concerns while managing to avoid twenty-dollar words. Read more

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Bibliology: What The Bible Is and Why It Matters

Recently, I found myself in front of a group of Christians fielding questions about the nature of Scripture—what the Bible is and why it matters. I was struck by how many of members of the crowd, though they believed and appreciated the Bible, really lacked sufficient grounding in the Holy Scriptures. They did not really grasp what the Bible is and why it matters. Do you?

While most Americans grant the Bible unique status, and most churchgoers think of it—to some degree—as a book from God, confessional evangelicals believe the Bible is much more than that. We believe it is God’s Word.

Exactly how should we think of the Bible? In what way is it unique? How should Christians view the Bible? Let us look at five ways that helpfully describe the nature of Scripture. Read more

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Heaven is for Real: Why I’m Skeptical of the Afterlife Industry

In the years past, I simply shrugged my shoulders at such books, seeing them as nonsensical and unhelpful. Yet, afterlife books and resources have congealed into something of an industry — an industry of books, paraphernalia, and movies — with a consequential and costly underbelly. And this new industry is generating massive revenues for those with a compelling afterlife story. Read more


Six Simple Steps to Revolutionize your Spiritual Life

With the end of the calendar year quickly approaching, soon the season of self-reflection, life assessment, and New Year’s resolutions will be upon us. In addition to commitments to lose weight, spend more time with family, and take control of one’s schedule, many Christians will seek to recommit themselves to their Christian walk. Such recommitment Read more