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Panel Discussion: “God, Gender, and the Gospel”

Last week, Southern Baptist from across America met in St. Louis for our annual convention. In what turned out to be a historic convention, I was privileged to hold a panel discussion with Dr. Owen Strachan on “God, Gender, and the Gospel.” Read more


A Conversation with D. A. Carson

This week, Midwestern Seminary hosted its annual Sizemore Lectures, with D. A. Carson as the guest lecturer. After the first lecture, I had the privilege to discuss a wide range of topics with Dr. Carson. Read more


Panel Discussion: Drummond Lectures with Timothy and Christian George

This past week, Midwestern Seminary held its annual Louis A. Drummond Lectures on Evangelism. This year, Dr. Timothy George, dean of Beeson Divinity School, lectured on the lives of William Carey and Willam Tyndall. After the first lecture, I hosted a panel discussion with Dr. George and his son, Dr. Christian George, who is a professor and curator of the Spurgeon Library here at MBTS. Read more

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Video: “We Cannot Stop Speaking” Spring 2015 Commencement Sermon

I hear the sound, the rustling, and the chatter of many babes, toddlers, and young children. That is a sweet sound. They are welcome here. That noise is not an interruption to our gathering; it is a contribution to it. Moms, don’t feel the need to run out. They are welcome to be a part. Perhaps some of them, even as babes, are astounded to see their father or mother actually graduating. We would hate to deprive them of the memory today holds.

This morning, I want to bring you a somewhat brief, but direct sermon,from Acts Chapter 4, verses 1-22. If you have a Bible in proximity to you or on your phone, I encourage you to follow along. The title of the sermon, taken from this passage, is simply “We Cannot Stop Speaking.” I bring it as a charge to our graduates today, a sermonic charge that I pray will be instructive for a lifetime of faithful ministry to our Lord Jesus Christ. As I was reading this passage, I was thinking about today and reflecting upon what it means to stop speaking or to not stop speaking. Read more