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Review: “Born This Way?” by J. Alan Branch

Over the past couple of decades, no facet of American society has experienced more upheaval than issues related to human sexuality. What was inconceivable less than a generation ago is now nearly complete in its social acceptance—the redefinition of marriage, gender and sexuality. For Christians, this is quintessentially calling good evil and evil good.

For most Christians, that question is a troubling. Confusion abounds, and the mounting cultural-pressure to accept the gay lifestyle makes the topic daunting. That is precisely why I am so thankful for Alan Branch’s new book, Born this Way? Branch serves as professor of Christian Ethics here at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and as a research fellow in Christian Ethics for the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Read more

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Dispatches from the ERLC’S National Conference on the Gospel, Homosexuality & the Future of Marriage

Issues of gender, marriage, and sexuality are not going way. The church must be prepared to engage these issues, cognizant of the full complexities they bring us. Yet, we must not let our engagement overlook our first imperative to be gospel people, pointing persons again and again to the message of a crucified and risen Savior. Not as a cure all, or an immediate moral disinfectant—but as our only hope, gay or straight, religious or irreligious. Read more