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Preach the Word: The Minister & His Pulpit

Preaching is essential to the life and ministry of a pastor. Admittedly in the 21st Century, pastors wear many hats and carry out many responsibilities. Preaching is his first priority, but not his only one. But within the context of the local church, preaching is the pastor’s preeminent role. It is what makes the preacher Read more

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Calling: A Misunderstood Concept

            Among evangelical churches, the call to ministry is often misunderstood. Some view the call to ministry as an altogether personal, individual decision. If one believes themselves to be called to ministry, that settles it. What gives the church, or any other deliberative body, the right to question what God called me to do? If Read more

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Where Have all the Godly Men Gone?

Where have all the godly men gone? These days I ponder that question with increased frequency and concern. If the lack of godly men were only a matter of personality or ministerial preference, then little would be lost. Such is not the case, though. The church is in great need of awakening and renewal; and, Read more