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For the Church: Theological Education, the SBC & the Future of Midwestern Seminary (Part I)

*This post was originally published on 22 March 2013. In Arthur Schlesinger’s award-winning biography of Franklin Roosevelt, he famously labeled the economic and political malaise of the 1920s and ’30s as “the crisis of the old order.” Schlesinger argued that political, cultural and economic norms were changing so rapidly that, coupled with government inaction, they Read more

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Heaven is for Real: Why I’m Skeptical of the Afterlife Industry

In the years past, I simply shrugged my shoulders at such books, seeing them as nonsensical and unhelpful. Yet, afterlife books and resources have congealed into something of an industry — an industry of books, paraphernalia, and movies — with a consequential and costly underbelly. And this new industry is generating massive revenues for those with a compelling afterlife story. Read more


Video: How do Large Families Fit into the Church?

I was recently honored to have a conversation with Daniel Darling of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission about my role as a father. We spoke to issues such as the role that family plays in my identity, what it means to raise a gospel-centered family, and how we at Midwestern Seminary are training students Read more

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The Four Biblical Marks of Corporate Worship

While on vacation a number of years ago, I visited a church for Sunday worship but left questioning whether I had worshipped at all. I took in the full complement of announcements, shook hands with several greeters, viewed a skit, and enjoyed something of a concert. Though a rote prayer was offered, there was no Read more