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Eight Tips for Veteran Preachers

This past week, I reflected on the first sermon I ever preached and suggested eight tips for the beginning preacher. I wish someone had given me those eight tips years ago—my beginner sermons would have gone infinitely better.

That first sermon was nearly 20 years ago. Now, I find myself at a different stage of life and ministry, with a different set of concerns and observations. Today, as a more veteran preacher, I keep these eight tips in the back of my mind: Read more

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Eight Tips for Beginning Preachers

In hindsight, my first sermon was an absolute train wreck. Even now, I pray it was not recorded and that it does not someday surface in my life. My feeble attempt to preach was earnest, but the finished product was no doubt laughable.

Looking back, there are a few tips I wish I had been given as a beginning preacher. Let me share eight of them with you: Read more

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Identifying an Expository Sermon

What constitutes an expository sermon? Better yet, how might the preacher know if he has preached an expository sermon, and how might the congregation know if they’ve heard one? Much preaching gets crammed under the heading “expository preaching,” though it bears little resemblance to classical exposition.

A consensus definition of expository preaching proves stubbornly elusive, but there are three essential marks that are supported by Scripture and consistent within most classical definitions of the term. Consider how Alistair Begg, Haddon Robinson, and Bryan Chappel define expository preaching. Read more

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The One Gift Every Pastor Must Have

For pastors, preaching and teaching God’s Word has a way of stripping us all bare; it exposes us and puts our gifting on public display. You can’t finesse your way through a sermon with polished appearance, warm people skills, or seminary credentials alone. In the moment of truth, your ability—or lack thereof—to teach and preach God’s Word reveals much about your calling.

This is the way it should be because the one called to the ministry is called to a ministry of the Word. God sets him apart to teach and preach His Word. This clarifying stipulation both challenges and reassures us. Those whom God has truly called; he has truly gifted for the task. Every pastor must be gifted to teach the Word; and every qualified pastor is. Read more

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Brother Pastors: Let’s Preach, Not Rant

Pastors are called to preach sermons, not deliver rants. Too often God’s people are subjected to the latter, but it is the former they truly need. This distinction struck me several years ago, while co-preaching a conference with several other pastors.

I sensed we were in for a rant when one of the speakers declined a microphone, assuring the sound-booth attendant he would be sufficiently loud without it. When his moment to preach came, he did not disappoint. I was as amazed at his volume as I was disturbed by his handling of the text.

Pastors are called to preach sermons, not deliver rants. What differentiates the two? Read more