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Correcting an Overcorrection? On Balancing Ministry and Family Time

How does a pastor most healthily balance ministerial service with family time? This tension is felt by all who serve the church, and resides just under the surface in many congregations. Sadly, many men leave the ministry due to erring one way or the other in what is often a delicate balance.

We must protect our families, but we need not sequester them. Balance is hard to find, but perhaps these five principles will help. Read more


Parents: Three Motivations to Avoid

As the father of five young children, I live with an ever-present awareness that my greatest stewardship is my children. Many men can preach a sermon and more than a few can be a seminary president, but only one can father these five children. Thus, my wife and I approach our family with a profound Read more


Here We Stand: Midwestern Seminary & Same-Sex Marriage

The 19th century Prussian statesman Otto Von Bismarck observed, “Political genius is hearing the distant hoof beat of the horse of history and then leaping to catch the passing horseman by the coattails.”[i] When it comes to issues of human sexuality and marriage, skilled politicians are not the only ones listening to the hoof beats Read more

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Three Reasons Why My Sons Aren't Playing Football (This Year)

From childhood, I’ve had a love affair with sports. As a boy, I memorized the movie Hoosiers, idolized Larry Bird, and religiously practiced Pistol Pete’s instructional videos. I grew up in a family with all boys, in a household that fostered competition and valued athletic achievement. As a boy, my father never asked me if Read more