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Heaven is for Real: Why I’m Skeptical of the Afterlife Industry

In the years past, I simply shrugged my shoulders at such books, seeing them as nonsensical and unhelpful. Yet, afterlife books and resources have congealed into something of an industry — an industry of books, paraphernalia, and movies — with a consequential and costly underbelly. And this new industry is generating massive revenues for those with a compelling afterlife story. Read more


A Conversation with Danny Akin about Family, Faith, and Football


I still remember phrases I heard you say in seminary. Things like, “Gentlemen, I’d rather you get a C in my class and an A at home.” And things like, “You can have a great marriage without having a great ministry, but you cannot have a great ministry without having a great marriage.” Things like that just ring true. Read more


For the Church: Theological Education, the SBC & the Future of Midwestern Seminary (III)

Since Southern Baptists founded their first seminary in 1859, the denomination has experienced an uneasy relationship between her seminaries and the churches that own them. Though the year 2013 finds the seminaries very much in line with the denomination’s confessional statement—the Baptist Faith & Message 2000—such has not always been the case. Moreover, a survey of the history of theological education indicates the need for churches to keep an ever-vigilant eye on the seminaries they own. Read more

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